Autonomous Research Communities

Power your journal with the open science infrastructure of tomorrow

Scale your impact, not your IT

Everything in one place

Researchers can publish data, code, and any other artefacts alongside their manuscripts and submit to your journal. No complicated flowcharts or juggling between Github and repositories. Papers with data receive on average 25% more citations.

Qualified referees at your fingertips

Save time by quickly finding qualified referees to assess a work's merits with our bespoke recommendation system. The recommendation system is under development and not yet publicly available.

Fast track peer-review

Peer-review and editorial exchanges happen directly within the interface, in context of the submitted materials. Benefit from new possibilities to incentivize high-quality peer-review, giving credit where it's due.

Focus on what matters

While you're free to do typesetting, graphic design and JATS-XML data wrangling - you don't need to. You can run lightweight journals that keep costs down and deliver on what matters: trust in research results.

Reach new communities

Reach communities that care deeply about access to data and software. With Nodes, digital artifacts can be imported and reused with a single line of code, tracking all citations.

Unlock new opportunities

Issue verified badges that attest to the properties of the research you curate. Make the value of your services visible. Offer new services such as reproducibility checks.

It's never been this easy to launch a new journal

A better submission experience for your authors, finally

Authors can easily upload data, code, manuscripts, and any artefacts of their research in a unified interface served directly on your website. No more submission flowcharts, or juggling between GitHub, data repositories, and external sources, leading to a far better experience for your authors. Once ready, authors can publish their work openly and submit directly to your journal or conference with a single click.

Improve and accelerate peer-review

Experience granular multiplayer reviewing in context. Create interactive peer-review reports that extend beyond the manuscript. Decide which aspects reviewers should be focusing on. Explore new workflows for scientific validaiton. The system is designed to fast-track peer-reviews, eliminate cumbersome email exchanges, and give credit to every participant in the curation process.

Curate research for quality

Editors issue badges that attest to the attributed your curated research: open code, open data, computational reproducibility, peer-reviewed, editor's choice - you name it. With Nodes, you can open the black box of peer-review by making explicit the type of curation services that your scientific community values.

Integrate the DeSci stack

Your website, made simple

Embed an interface on your website that allows your audience to interact with all artifacts of research, not just manuscripts.

Storage, taken care of

The data is securely stored on a distributed network, protected from content drift, and resilient against link rot.

PIDs and Metadata, solved

No more URI:DOI tables to maintain or complex metadata standards to comply with. This is taken care of.

Trusted by researchers

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We are scientists and engineers building tools to make knowledge more accessible and verifiable. We envision a scientific record without data silos, content drift, paywalls, and proprietary analytics.