DeSci Nodes

Manuscripts, data, and code — all in one place

Introducing the DeSci Fund for Scientific Innovation

Scientists sharing their research on DeSci Nodes can now earn money for their research by submitting a visual representation of their work to Artizen. Get creative and show the world what your work is all about!

Bring your research to life

Because your work is more than just a PDF

Bring everything together

Code, data, and manuscripts — all in one place & richly interconnected. No more juggling between repositories, preprint servers, and Github.

Store 100 GB for free

Add a powerful data drive to your research. Publications with data get on average 25% more citations.

Keep track of changes

From registering your hypothesis to uploading a dataset or complete manuscript, you can track all versions and elements from the moment you start using Nodes.

Own your research

You decide when to share your research with the world. Once published, your work is shared on a peer-to-peer network. No platform boundaries, vendor-lock in, or data silos.

Make reproducibility *look* simple

Preserve your code and data to keep track of how you obtained your findings over time. Make it easy for yourself and others to reproduce your work. Show them how it's done.

Lead Open Science forward

Publish all the artifacts of your research, enable others to reproduce, re-use, and credit every component of your work. Let others import your artifacts with a single line of code.

A new unit of knowledge for the next era of science

A cutting-edge data drive for your publication

Nodes are containers for research artefacts such as manuscripts, code, data, and anything you can think of. You can upload everything in one place, share privately with your lab and co-authors before publishing openly to the world. Nodes preserves content integrity with cryptographic hashes and stores published data on a distributed network.

Connect your research artefacts in a seamless and secure way

Nodes make reproducible research easier. The nodes application interfaces with a protocol that uses content-addressed storage to create unique and persistent identifiers for every single resource in your Drive. Unlike URL-based web resources, you can create hyperlinks that will stand the test of time. This means you can highlight your manuscripts and connect results with code and data. No more dead links or content drift.

Your research is more than a manuscript

With Nodes, you can seamlessly unite text, data, code, and other artefacts all in one place. It's a workflow platform that transforms into an open repository, and vice-versa. Create impressive publications that showcase the depth and intricacies of your work. Let others import your artifacts with a single line of code.

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