A Decentralised Scientific Ecosystem

Science is facing a crisis

Big publishers own and control our scientific record and take advantage of scientists' unpaid labour. Published findings have a poor replication record. We need an alternative.

Decentralisation offers a powerful solution

DeSci Nodes enable a radically transparent ledger of scientific record that is secure, permanent, interoperable and resistant to cross-national censorship.

scientific societies

We are building tools to enable scientists to form Autonomous Research Communities (ARCs) that operate on the Ledger of Scientific Record.

ARCs select, validate, and curate promising scientific discoveries. Each step of the process is recorded on-chain, creating an immutable and permanent public record.

Creating and rewarding replicable science

Broken incentives that don't value replicable findings play a big role in the current crisis. The DeSci ecosystem is based on web3 Research Objects, offering new ways to track, review, and reward analysis plans, studies, and independent replication that is capital-efficient, targeted, and transparent.

scientists fairly

ARCs can reward contributions by authors and referees directly and seamlessly. Each ARC can experiment with its incentive systems to accelerate and improve the scientific process.

Making science
accessible to all

The scientific record is our greatest accomplishment as a species. DeSci will make it accessible to everyone and speed up scientific progress. Join our Discord and help us build the future.

DeSci Nodes

The gateway to the Web3 of science


The DAO stack for scientific societies

Built on a shared scientific foundation

We work hand-in-hand with the scientific community to re-align the incentives and promote higher quality, more reproducible science.
We welcome scientists to join our Discord community.

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