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In 2021, the medium for sharing scientific discoveries remains the solitary PDF. Essential code, data, peer-review reports, community commentary, and annotations are scattered across proprietary and centralised databases. Loss of context, link rot, and an archaic publishing medium slows down scientific progress.

DeSci Nodes combines IPFS with decentralised indexing to store scientific knowledge as interoperable computational objects for generations. For each uploaded manuscript, DeSci Nodes creates an inventory of research artifacts, an incentive system for replication, a mechanism for validation, and a connection point embedded into your preprint.

Content storage on DeSci Nodes for scientists is community-sponsored: Anyone with a web3 wallet can contribute to the mission of creating a credibly-neutral, reproducible, decentralised and open access record of scientific knowledge.

DeSci Node

Craft beautiful, interactive and reproducible research time capsules.

STORE: Simply link the DOIs to your preprint alongside analysis code, data, pre-registered analysis plan, interactive notebooks, video and audio content, and more.

ANNOTATE: Use annotations to enhance your work. Highlight historical context, faciliate comprehension, and communicate your work to a wider audiance.

CONNECT: Embed code segments, videos, images and all others components of your Node directly into your text, figures and annotations. All components have unique digital identifers that makes them citable.

FUSE: Fuse all components and their connections to create a permanent Node.

GROW: Enrich your Nodes over time to create living pieces of knowledge.

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