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Enliven your digital society

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A vibrant, plural future for your community

Enrich your community with DeSoc primitives: non-transferable and revokable, on-chain attestations of social affiliations, commitments, and credentials.

DeSoc Forum: a plugin for Discourse forum that allows wallet-linked attestations to surface in your community member’s profiles.

DeSoc Manager: a dApp for organizations and communities to easily define, issue, manage, and revoke SBTs (soulbound tokens).

This is just the beginning: this is a beta with a limited set of features. Help us battle-test it and build the tools for the digital societies of the future.

DeSoc Forum

Surface SBTs as badges in your Discourse forum

Enliven your public square

Weave rich social context into your community. Provide members with social cues to help inform discussions on your forums.

Login with Ethereum

Your forum will surface SBTs linked to member profiles. Interacting with the badges pulls on-chain metadata and displays it publicly.

Community co-development

We want diverse communities to test DeSoc tooling on their Discourse forum with our plugin. You bring the community, we’ll bring the implementation.

DeSoc Manager

Define and manage SBTs for your organization

One-click deployment

Easily deploy your organization’s SBT contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Delegate permissions to define, issue, and revoke SBTs to trusted members of your community.

Flexible metadata

Define SBTs with rich metadata such as attestation types, external links, and descriptions.

Easy to manage

Manage your SBTs with preview and edit functions, delegation, private note taking, and more.

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