The DAO stack for Scientific Societies

ArcSci is a DAO stack to create Autonomous Research Communities (ARCs). ArcSci enables the creation of scientific validation workflows and provides tools to align incentives and coordinate scientific communities.

ARCs are sovereign: They are owned and controlled by their members, equipped with tools to raise money, and governance power to decide how to allocate funds to their members.

ARCs create public transparency about the peer-review and selection process, faciliate and incentivise replications, and can evaluate analysis plans, research proposals, and verify open science badges. ARCs perform scientific validation by operating on DeSci Nodes. Nodes have no copyright restrictions and scientists are encouraged to submit their work to the journals that matter most. See journal policies on preprints.

ARCs will have an intuitive user interface that will be easy to use, without requiring background knowledge in web3 technologies or learning new tools.

The DAO stack is composed of five components:

Modular scientific validation workflow

The traditional scientific validation process typically has 3-steps: Decision gate (Editor's desk) - Evaluation chambers (Peer-Review) - Decision gate (Editor's decision).

Follow the traditional model, experiment incrementally, or innovate radically. Channel the excellence of your scientific community in ways never possible before.

ARC-FLOW is based on interoperable components: arrange, connect and configure decision gates, workflows, and evaluation criteria to meet your society's needs.

  • Enrich peer-review reports with annotations at the margins of preprints
  • Connect code directly into figures and results
  • Single author or collaborative peer-review experiences
  • Certify Open Science practises via on-chain badging
  • Crowdsource a decision gate with reputation-weighted quadratic-voting
  • Create rich contextual annotations to communicate science to a wider public

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